You know I’ll… get you for this.
You see? You and I think alike!
No, we don’t. I just know the way you think.
How did you find out who I am?
How would you have done it?
You could be there tomorrow morning.
There’s a plane for Zürich at nine tonight.
What are you going to do now?
Well, like you said, you and I think alike – you tell me what I’m going to do now…
Did you ever think about how the big fortunes of the world got started?
I think about it every day. Usually at breakfast.
They started their own wars.
Railroad wars.
Oil wars.
They started real wars, so they could sell to both sides.
Do you want to work for me?
I don’t like the way you fire people.

Written, compiled and presented in its entirety by Bureau Chief Frank Coleman.

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