What’s wrong?
No, nothing, I just wanted a little privacy, or is that impossible?
Do you mean is the room monitored?
Is it?
I would imagine so.
Where is that music coming from?
If there’s no privacy, there can’t be any invasion!
Be careful of her nail varnish.
I don’t understand – who is running the government now?
I don’t understand – who is running the government now?
There is a lot more involved than you can imagine.
We’ve managed to adapt to a new way of life.
Some think it’s even better than the old one.
Why bother?
Because you are important to us.
Because you are a man who can think for himself.
Because you listen to reason.
I have enough problems.
Look, if you buy a stolen bicycle, you’re an accessory to a crime.
But if you pay 100 million dollars to a degenerate who murdered his brother
for the oil rights to a country, that’s a smart deal.
And nobody’s going to arrest you for it.
Investigations showed they were completely blameless, politically.
We do have taped transcripts of every conversation you had today.
He couldn’t have gone far.
He wouldn’t go along.
I’m very disappointed.
Very disappointed.

Written, compiled and presented in its entirety by Bureau Chief Frank Coleman.

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