Recommended for fans of Massive Attack, Portishead, Björk, Chemical Brothers, Air, Thievery Corporation, Propellerheads, Stereolab, The Prisoner, Eurospy movies.

Musician, producer, interactive multimedia pioneer and virtual reality artist Frank Coleman has been identified as the mastermind behind DECLASSIFIED, the explosive, globe-hopping debut album from shadowy international organization SECRET AGENT, on Mi5 Recordings (UMG).

SECRET AGENT is original music in the Spy genre, an exciting, highly danceable mashup of electronica, psychedelia, lounge and surf, all mixed together like enemy agents in a vat of piranhas.

DECLASSIFIED smuggles you into the smoky private clubs of Portofino, plays cat and mouse with the police state in St. Petersburg, narrowly escapes an assassination in Caracas, and straps you in for a high speed chase through Berlin.

Naturally, a SECRET AGENT is an expert on the latest technology, and Coleman is an OG’s OG. He built the first interactive music site on the Internet, and has been working with Virtual Reality since the early 90s. He created the video for DECLASSIFIED’s first single, Portofino, entirely in a VR environment.

Coleman plays drums for ex-Psychedelic Furs guitarist John Ashton, and appears extensively on his album, Satellite Paradiso, which features past and present members of David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Killing Joke and Gang Of Four. He’s also played in front of over 40,000 people as a member of Boston’s notorious performance art lunatics The Bentmen, called “one of the most outrageous rock acts in the country” by The Village Voice.

Ashton provided the mastering for DECLASSIFIED. The album also features ex-Furs saxophonist Duncan Kilburn, innovative electronic cellist Jo Quail, and former ‘Til Tuesday guitarist Robert Holmes, who takes a virtuoso turn on Buenos Aires International Airport, a track which Coleman calls “the ‘Free Bird’ of Spy music.” Seattle jazz futurist John Chmaj adds a wild, hypnotic flute solo and suspicious Hammond organ.

Sly, subversive and filled with hidden meanings that can be neither confirmed nor denied, SECRET AGENT’s DECLASSIFIED reveals more mysteries with every listen.

Available with complete dossier including raw intelligence, unredacted transcripts, list of suspects and surveillance photos.