From DECLASSIFIED - the explosive debut album from SECRET AGENT, on Mi5 Recordings (UMG)
  • "Caracas" from DECLASSIFIED by Secret Agent. Released: 2020. Track 1. Genre: Spy.


I want the plans and the K23 mine.
And that’s all you want?
That’s all for now.
Don’t try putting on the dumb act with me,
or you won’t leave Caracas alive.
It’s undoubtedly the work of a powerful International organization.
Hello? Yes. Timing is perfect.
New York? Ok.
Hello, Berlin. Status normal?
Hello, London?
Tonight’s his night.
Might be a short one, might be a long one.
But he’s gonna keep breathing until we get an answer out of him. You got that?
Oh, John. You’ve got a soft spot.
Like the top of your head!
You see the one… uh… the one with the glasses.
She’s Hungarian.
You want something from me?
I’d like to order some tulips from Holland.
Would you mind filling me in on where I am and what the hell’s happening?
This is going to relax you.
What is that? What have you done?
What’s the army going to do with so much LSD?
Is that a raw egg?
Mmm! Have one every morning. Good for my virility.
Yeah, if you’re a chicken.
But you know that he’s mad, don’t you?
You’re right, but he’s still of value.
You know, the Prime Minister wants you to have a knighthood.
But I’m afraid it is impossible. Not yet. The Home Office.
They say you’re breaking the law.
That man must be gotten rid of right away!
The last person who slept here died. But he died comfortably.
I’ll take a chance on that.
I won’t!
He’s right, you know, he is worth more than that.

Written, compiled and presented in its entirety by Bureau Chief Frank Coleman.

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