According to the note we got, he was to be here at exactly one o’clock.
We have two men on the station platform.
Except for the mustache, he’s a perfect double.
I don’t think this is a safe place to be.
If you’re such a model citizen, how about that nice little cargo of jewels I sent you?
What’s wrong, Captain?
Nothing, kind of a hallucination.
What do you want?
No arguments. Just follow me.
Who died in your place, Arthur?
In Calgary?
Does it matter?
They had me locked in the cellar. I managed to get away.
Line up for your tickets now, Ladies and Gentlemen.
Wait a minute, you’re not going anywhere. Not without me.
Line up for your tickets now, Ladies and Gentlemen.
Jewels? Robert, I —
Tomorrow, the news will be in the morning papers,
So I suggest you leave the villa for a few days.
(silencer) (gasp)
We can see everything better from up there.
I’d like to say that I feel sorry for you.
But I can’t forget all those men you shot down in cold blood.
Let’s go.

Written, compiled and presented by Bureau Chief Frank Coleman.
Special Agent John Chmaj – Flute
Special Agent Robert Holmes – Guitar

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